Ener-Corr Solutions is a “green-energy” consulting company that was started in April 2010.  We provide several types of environmental engineering solutions for oil and gas producers.  Pipe Coatings, Facility Inspections, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans & Audits (SPCC Plans), Employee Training, Tier II Reports, and Annual Inspections & Reports and many more products and services. We help our clients with state & federal regulatory compliance audits by Certified Environmental Safety Professionals for Energy.

Visit our oilfield supply store at:  store.ener-corr.com for complete product details.

In a world where the production of “clean, renewable energy” is the Law, Ener-Corr is a leader in guiding entities through the maze of compliance.  Our expertise and pedigree in eco-friendly solutions for the energy industry makes us the de-facto choice when choosing a partner to solve and manage compliance and regulatory issues.

The State and Federal regulations for oil and gas producers are constantly changing.  Ener-Corr is focused on staying educated with all the rules and regulations governed by EPA, OSHA, DOT, etc.  We monitor changes in the law so we can keep our clients informed and safely within regulatory requirements and mandates.

Our goal is to help our industry produce cheaper and cleaner energy with cost effective corrosion/abrasion solutions. Regulatory and compliance issues can skyrocket production costs. Don’t try to guess if the ever changing and new addition of regulations will affect you. Contact us now for a professional assessment to determine your environmental compliance and regulatory needs.

Ener-Corr specializes in Nano Technology Pipe Coatings, Minerals, Proppants, Spill Prevention Countermeasure Control Plans (SPCC) (CWA), Tier II Reporting (LEPC), Facility Inspections, NORM Survey's, Permit by Rule (PBR)/compliance with air emissions regulations (CAA), Phase I, II, III Environmental Assessments, Drilling /Agricultural Permits (NPDES), Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), DOT Tank Truck Spill Prevention Plans, DOT Security Plans, Oil & Gas Sampling/Soil Sampling, Detailed & Extended Lab Analysis, Air Permit Preparation & Filing, Vapor Recovery Systems (Design & Fabrication), Flare/Combustor Systems (Design & Fabrication), Secondary Containment Systems w/Liners (Steel Berms- Design & Fabrication), Well Completion/Flow-back Services, Wireless Automation, RFID Technology, Compliance Management Software, Full Service Remediation & Excavation, Oilfield Liners, Accredited Training (EPA, DOT, OSHA, SPCC, RCRA), and Acquisitions & Mergers and more. 

Ener-Corr Solutions actively consults with International clients around the world!